Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scooter Love

I would LOVE to have a scooter. Though, I'm not sure I want to drive one in Israel. They drive pretty crazy here. I'm good with driving a car in Israel and have done so a couple of times, but a scooter is! Not sure I want to risk my life in this manner.
Anyway, I have taken pictures of three different scooters with three different styles. I like all of them for different reasons.
This first one is classic! I love the look, and the color. I can totally see me on this one. Wind blowing through my brown locks, Brent on the back. HA! HA! :) I would have have some big white sunglasses to go with this one. I would wear my checkered capri pants and a wide white head band in my hear. (Ok, I don't really have checkered capri pants...that would not be pretty on me!)
Then there's this one. Sleak and silver. I would have a sleak and silver helmet and black leather jacket to go with this one. Oh and some slammin' silver sunglasses. I would also wear some kickin' tall black leather boots on this sweet ride.
This is the girly pink look. I love pink. It even has some white flowers on the back that you can see if you look hard enough. I would have a pink helmet with white flowers to match. I see me wearing a cute, long, flowy pink skirt with this one. Pink sunglasses too.
So, what do you think? Which one do you think is more my style? Which one is more your style? Would you drive a scooter where you live? Just curious about all of you.

Oh and for those lurkers who are reading and not commenting.....STOP IT!! I want to know who is sharing this adventure with us. It's really easy to leave a comment. If you dont' have a google account just use the anonymous one and make sure to put your name in the comment so I know who you are. Thanks, dear readers!


terriH said...

You are too funny, girl! I myself am particular to that green one. It's so retro looking and you know, I'm just so retro...ha.

So, in Israel, do they cram as many people and children as possible on one scooter? In Cozumel, we'd see like a family of 4 on one. The little kids would be sitting or standing on the floor board part. It was crazy!

They are fun to ride though but I'm with you on the whole exposed thing. They ain't the safest mode of transportation.

But, dang girl! You would look mighty fine on gots the onion!!

Kris the Girl said...

YES, I love scooters! I wanted one in college, but I couldn't afford it. Now Amber would kill me if I got one, since I freak out when she talks about getting her motorcycle running again...

Kim Heinecke said...

GREEN, baby!
I too have seen entire families (like 4 or 5 people) riding on ONE scooter in Bermuda! Yikes! Babies and all... we are so spoiled here...

amber said...

Note: I would not kill Kris - that is illegal and immoral.

However, I've been slowly working on my crap bike (I got it to run for 10 minutes!) And she did freak out at the thought that it might run longer than that..never mind I've had my motorcycle license just as long a car license... (lol)

Personally, I like the pink one for you... I'll stick to my crap bike - it goes 85! (when running). But if I had to pick for me, I'd pick #2 or #3. I might consider #1 if it were any other color! :)

Anonymous said...

For you, definitely the pink one. It just seems to fit you best with everything you described, too.

I've thought about buying a scooter for years now. If I lived in a big city - even Tel Aviv - I'd almost certainly buy one. It seems way less practical here. I'd probably go for something like that silver one, though the green one has its charm.

4 days?

Anonymous said...

Shanna would DEFINITELY vote for the pink one. VERY cute. I like the green myself, but the pink is the one, I think. I've never owned a scooter, ridden on a scooter... and doubt JR would ever buy me one. But they sure look fun! :) Love you!

Natalie Witcher said...

green. jt's gonna buy one soon cuz the truck drinks gas by the swimming pool

wait for it...

come home

areader said...

As cheap as scooters and the gas for them are, you could get all three to match whatever mood you're in.
When we lived in Japan we rode bicycles for a year before getting a small car. Everybody there rides bikes to the station to catch the trains.

Tonya said...

Hip Hip Horay!!!! I love all of your comments!! Thanks so much.
As for cramming an entire family on one scooter, no, doesn't happen in Israel. Although, you do see a lot of dogs on the scooters, sitting where your feet go. That always makes me a little nervous. What if the dog jumps off as your going down the street?
I do love the retro green but I agree with a lot of you that it's probably the pink one. Pink is just me, ya know, girly!!!
I think we all might be riding scooters in the US soon if gas prices keep rising. Who needs a car anyway, right??????????
Actually bikes might be more like it. Next time we come to Israel for an extended stay I am so getting a bike! You can explore a lot more on a bike than you can on foot. TL, you could totally get away with just a bike here too. I love places with great public transportation!!!!

D.P....yep, four days!!!! I was looking for your email address today and don't have it....saw someone today that looked like you at the intersection of Ben Yehuda and Ben Gurion and got excited about you being here soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Glennard would really groove on these scooters. You know how he likes to collect stuff. He just got a 1952 MG, it's adorable. We're out of car room here so it's living at Carrie Liz's for a bit.
I love the man and all his hobbies. He's even talked about geting one of these little scooter guys. My girls would love them. How are you TK? I love you,
The word verification I had to use to enter this looks Hebrew-ish to me (Kaviysvb)...Hebrew-ish, Greek-ish? Missyou-ish, love, Josey