Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bar Mitzvah, Part II

Here are some more pictures from the Bar Mitzvah we attended last week. The young man's name is Itamar (pronounced Ee-tah-mar). He is the brother of an Israeli friend of ours, Leor.
This first picture is of Leor and Brent standing in front of the Western Wall.

In this picture Itamar is preparing to lay tefillin. This is related to Deuteronomy. 6 where the sons of Israel are told to bind the Word of God on the arms and foreheads.

It's bound on the left arm because it's closest to the heart. In Rabbinic tradition this is called the mark of God.

This is me watching from behind the dividing wall. I'm the one on the right.

In this photo Itamar is reading from the Torah.

In this picture Itamar is praying at the Western Wall. You can see all the notes/prayers people have left in the wall.
Here is the proud father hugging his son who is now a young man.

The next post about the Bar Mitzvah will be about the party afterwards. And people, it was a PAR-TAY!!!!


amber said...

Wow...that's moving!

Unlike America..."congrats, you're 18 - now go buy dad some cigaretts."

Kim Heinecke said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! It's soooo educational for the rest of us (okay,me!)