Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Way In

You want to know what's frustrating? Not being able to get into your house after being on the road for 16 hours.
When Brent and I arrived to our home, well after midnight last Friday night, we were unable to get it. No, we hadn't locked ourselves out. Our house locked us out. Well, not really but it sounded funny.
You see, ever since we returned from Israel, our glass door/screen door (though it has not screen and is only glass. hmmm) has been sticking. When you turn the handle on any door, the sticky-outy-thing that keeps it closed, withdraws, thus allowing you to open the door. (Do you love my technical terms, cuz I do!) On our glass door the sticky-outy-thing was sticking before we left. When we arrived back home in the middle of the night it was completely broken. You could turn that handle till the cows came home and it was not opening up!
"Why didn't you just go in through the garage door?"
Well, people, it's like this. We live in the hood! And our house is old. There is no entrance from the garage to the house. Yep. I have to go outside to get into the garage where the washer and dryer are. At least we have a washer and dryer though, eh? (No, I'm not Canadian.)
Why didn't you go int he back door?"
Come on people! We look that screen door too! (And yes, that one actually has a screen.)

OK, let me describe the scene for you.
12:13a.m. (not really. I don't know what the exact time was but I like details!)
I have slept the last hour or two and am groggy and grumpy and just want to unload the truck and crawl into my big, soft, king size bed.
Brent has been driving since 6:30a.m. and is exhausted.
Brent has gotten the big stuff out of the back of the truck and is at the front door.
I'm unloading all of my bajillion little things that have been strewn all over the back seat. I hear the Brent jiggling the handle on the door. Then I hear him trying to yank the door open. Then I think he's going to pull the door off it's hinges while shattering the glass and become concerned.
He yells "The glass door is locked!". I say "No it's not. That's impossible." (Unless of course we have leprechauns or elves living in our house who wanted to play a trick on us. They do that sort of thing, you know.) Brent says through gritted teeth "Yes it is." and begins yanking on the door with all his might. I run to the porch to stop him from totally destroying the door.
We then proceed to get screw drivers out to try and pry it open and even consider taking the door off but that would be a really bad idea. I get two screwdrivers in my hands and try to get the sticky-outy-thing pushed back into the door so we can get it open and I almost had it, about 13 times and lost it. Brent sees that it is hopeless and we are too tired and grumpy to be sensible and says "You're done. Call your Mom and Dad."
So, we call the folks and spend the night at their house.
Next day, Dad and Brent get the door open. How? Dad used the screwdrivers and did what I tried to do the night before. Way to go Dad.
Now we have no handle whatsoever on our glass door because I was not about to let my house lock me out again.

Monday, April 28, 2008


8 Days
8 States
Over 2000 miles
That just about sums up our trip last week.
Not really, though, because we had so much fun and got to visit with so many sweet people and friends.
We also reviewed some of our Hebrew verbs on the road home and Brent had me laughing so hard at his attempts to pronounce the word for "to celebrate" that I thought we were going to need to have my seat cleaned and dried, if you get my drift.
I must say that I am very glad to be home again. D.J., our little dog, was glad we were home too!

Thank you, Lord, for a safe and blessed trip!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can't sit still

We have only been home about four weeks and we are on the road again! We just can't sit still.
Brent and I left last Friday morning at 5:15 a.m., yep, A.M. to head to Lexington, Kentucky. Friday we traveled as far as Nashville, Tennessee. We stopped there and stayed the night and had dinner with friends. Brent knows Michael and Amy from when he was a youth minister in Liberty, Indiana. Michael and Amy walked into Brent's office one afternoon fifteen years ago and said, "Marry us!" Brent asked, "OK, when?" Michael, dressed in a bright yellow t-shirt and shorts said, "Right now!" and handed Brent the marriage license. Let me just add in here that Michael was and still is in the Marines and he talks like a drill Sargent...all the time! Brent asked all the proper questions, even talked to Amy alone for a minute to make sure this was what she wanted to do and then took them and Michael's Dad to the newly remodeled basement of the church and performed the ceremony to join them as man and wife. They now have two beautiful daughters and live in a beautiful home in Nashville. It was a really sweet reunion and we are looking forward to keeping in touch with them.
Sat. we got up and traveled the last several hours to Lexington, Kentucky. Let me just say that Lexington, Kentucky is one beautiful place. This is the perfect time to be traveling in that part of the country because the dogwoods are blooming and MAN ALIVE are they gorgeous!! I'm serious, people! They are amazing. Actually, everything is blooming! You don't have to look any farther than God's creation to get the perfect color palette for decorating any room. I got a few ideas on this trip and I'm ready to get home and redecorate!! (Yeah, Brent's real happy about that too! The man hates to paint.)
"Why did you go to Kentucky, Tonya?"
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!
We went to Kentucky because Brent's college roommate, Mark, preaches at a church there and invited us out so Brent could throw down the Word!, or preach :) Sunday morning then we lead a Passover Seder Sunday night for the church.
As usual, Brent did and amazing job. I'm telling you, the man is GIFTED! I love to hear my hubs preach. Man, can he preach. He's just so anointed and gifted and wonderful. I love him. However, I don't want you to lose your lunch so I'll stop gushing.
I will say that after being in Kentucky, I want to move there. It is so pretty. The rolling hills covered with lush, thick, soft green grass and the amazing trees. Oh my! It is a truly beautiful area. Don't worry, Mom and Dad! We cannot afford to live in Lexington. Those people are rich! And I mean filthy RICH! (I would love to show you pictures but I forgot the camera. Yep, I'm a doof!)
Then Monday we spent a little more time with Mark and his wife Kathy and traveled on to Richmond, Indiana where we stayed the last two nights with our friends the Retz'.
We spent most of the day yesterday, however, in Liberty, Indiana where Brent was a youth minister, football coach, probation officer and preacher. We had lunch with Chris B. who was in Brent's youth group. After that we spent the afternoon gabbing with Bill and Betty, two of the sweetest people I have ever met. All of my grandparents have already gone to be with Jesus and so I have adopted them as my grandparents. They don't know it yet, so let's keep that between us for now.
Today we traveled to Indianapolis, only about an hour. We are planning a tour for a church in the area and Brent and I will speak with those interested in the tour tonight. Right now I am sitting in the church's coffee shop area typing this to you. It is a beautiful, new, huge church and we are loving seeing how the body of Messiah is growing.
The next couple of nights we will stay with Brent's sister LeighAnn and husband J.R. and kids Zac and Shanna. Then we head home.
This may have been one of my more boring posts but just felt the need to connect with my readers, at least what's left of you. I think Kim is the only one still checking in. Thanks Kim! I appreciate your loyalty. You're a peach!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Water and Oil

Apparently, living in the United States and blogging don't really go well together for me. It's like water and oil. You know how water and oil don't mix. You know?
Man Alive!!!!
I'm really sorry people.
I want to blog but here are my sad excuses. (At least I'm calling them what they are, right?)
#1. Our internet is not working correctly yet.
#2. Don't know what to blog about cuz I'm still a little sad about being away from Israel.
#3. Well, shouldn't #1 and #2 be good enough? Come on!
Oh and just so you know, Brent and I are leaving town again for about 11 days so don't have any expectations of a new blog during that time. But then, if I do get time, and an internet connection, and do get a blog out there you will be pleasantly surprised.
I miss all of you and really do want to get back in to the blog swing soon. But I'm just warning you that it will probably be the beginning of May before that happens. A one month sabbatical seems about right.
OK, see you all you soon. And thanks for continuing to read this somewhat-pathetic-for-now-blog.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still here

Hey Ya'll!
Man Alive. It's hard to get back into a rhythm again. We have been trying to get our house put back together because we packed a lot of it up to rent it to some friends while we were gone. So, it's like moving in all over again. Then I got sick starting Friday night and have been down for the count since then. My sweet husband called the Doctor on Monday morning to get me in because I was coughing all night long and he got worried (as well as really annoyed!) So, now I'm on some antibiotics and trying to not push it too hard.
We also have not had internet until about an hour ago, hence my silence. I just don't want you, my devoted readers, to get the wrong idea....THIS BLOG IS CONTINUING!!!!
But for now, I must go. Just wanted you all to know we are still alive and kicking!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back in the USA

Well, we arrived back to our USA home yesterday around 5:00 p.m.

The journey was emotional, LONG, exhausting and somewhat frustrating.

Jet lag is a real drag.....feeling really fuzzy in the head.

This is the end of this post.

More to come.

Will tell story of flight home adventure.