Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pomella

Have you ever heard of or had a Pomella? I had not before coming to Israel. The Pomella is a citrus fruit. It's a big, green citrus fruit that has a very interesting and scrumptious taste. It's a little like a sweet grapefruit. Not exactly the same taste but traces of the grapefruit taste.

In this picture you can see the size comparison with a normal size apple and orange. It's pretty big. It's even bigger than a grapefruit but I didn't have a grapefruit on hand so the apple and orange had to do. Isn't it a nice color combination though? Mom, will you paint this for me?
The tricky thing about the Pomella is that it has a very thick peel which is usually rather difficult to get off. The white part of the peel is really spongy too.
This picture shows you the comparison of the Pomella peel to the orange peel.

When it's all said and done, the Pomella peel stacks pretty high and the orange, well, the orange not so high.
Once you get the peel off and get down to the fruit, the Pomella slices aren't really that much bigger than the orange slice. However, the individual pulps are about 3-5 times bigger than the individual orange pulps and there are a lot more slices. I tried to take a picture of the pulps but they all came out blurry and looking like worms or some icky bug or larvae.
With the Pomella, I personally don't eat the skin or whatever you call the stuff that holds all the pulps in. I know, my terminology is astounding and brilliant. I have no idea what the proper titles are for all the parts of citrus fruit. Give me a break, I'm still recovering from learning Hebrew. Back to the Pomella. I peel each individual slice and this picture shows what it looks before you peel and after. Oh, and the reason I don't eat the skin is that it's pretty thick and tough.
Once you painstakingly peel each individual slice you have a bowl full of Pomella deliciousness. It really is a lot of tasty, juicy fruit. Not the gum, Juicy Fruit. Pomella, the juicy fruit. It's juicy not chewy.

And finally, here is the comparison of a peeled orange and a peeled Pomella. Brent and I had a yummy snack when I got done taking all of the pictures.

Have you ever heard of or had a Pomella? Did you like it? Come visit me in Israel and we can share one!!!


terriH said...

That is one really thick skin! I don't like to eat oranges cuz I really dislike peeling them and then trying to get off all the white veiny crud on them. It's too much work. Tasty but I'm exhausted after. I'm guessing I might have the same problem with the pomella. However, love grapefruit so would probably enjoy the pomella. Maybe you could smuggle some back to the US. Yeah, smuggle em, baby. I promise you won't get caught. I'll set up a whole operation...we can wear black and face paint. No one will ever know it's us...we can meet at a "destination point" for the exchange. Yeah.

It's on.

Kris the Girl said...

I've heard of pomella, but I don't remember why. I don't think I've ever had it, but I bet I would like it.
Is the spongy shell/rind nutricious? Is it generally eaten, or disregarded? In the picture of the stacks of peel, it looks like coconut!

Tonya said...

Terri, you are hilarious!!! I go buy some face paint!
Kris, I'm pretty sure you don't eat the peel. At least I don't. It's really not appetizing when you see it close up. And I have no idea about the nutrion of it either!!! So, generally, it's discarded. It doesn't weigh that much either so you don't waste too much money on paying for what you are going to throw away.

Natalie Witcher said...

Ok, I laughed out loud many times! I think we've known each other way too long becuase you kinda write like i do. I especially like the peel stacking one, and the juicy fruit comment. TK, I really do miss you.

wait for it

come home

Anonymous said...

Pomella. Cool. I think you should name your first daughter Pomella.
Good honk, when are you coming home?? You're going to start talking weird I just know it.

Josey, in Oklahoma City ya'll

Hey, you'll get back just in time for the tornado season.

This is my first time on a couple of blogs. My first comments went to places unknown. You get it.

Anonymous said...

Know that your italicizing and changing color on every mention of Pomella was appreciated. :)

Tonya said... I oughta....

Kim Heinecke said...

You take pictures and document the Pomella like a "Pioneer Israeli" hee hee hee... some people won't get it, i know...

Anonymous said...

I just saw this fruit for the first time in my life at our local grocery store in Indiana. I wanted to read a bit more about them before purchasing one, since they were $4 a piece. Anyways, thanks for your review! I think I'll give the pomella a try the next time I head to the store, if they still have them.

Unknown said...

Hello pomella lovers, When I was in Israel this year, I had a hybrid of pomella and grapefruit called a pomelite they look the same as a pomella but have more concentrated flavor.They are so good I must have eaten 3-4 a day! I also made marmalade with the peels and it was great.

Caitlyn Pomella said...

Ha Ha omg this is amazing my last name is Pomella, spelled exactally the same!!! no joke its amazing!!!