Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Negev Desert

I'm sitting here in the Negev Desert enjoying the heat of the day. I must admit I feel pretty cool being able to say that.
So, our friends from home are here in Israel and the guys are hiking part of the Israel National Trail. They are hiking the desert part which I think is a bit crazy! But, hey, it only got up to 105 degrees yesterday. Good thing they came in March and not July!!!
Brent, Amanda (Shay's wife), Ariella (Shay and Amanda's 13 month old daughter), Alexis (Seth's wife) and I drove down from Tel Aviv yesterday. We got a flat tire on the way. Yep, in the middle of the desert. Thankfully the tire blew out really close to a gas station. However, we could not drive into the gas station because the tire literally blew out! Brent immediately got to work while the girls walked to the gas station. I stayed behind to be of assistance. I didn't really do anything except give moral support. Brent's so strong he broke the tool that jacks up the car. Some people came along and helped and we got the tire changed and made it to the place we all stayed last night. We called the rental place and they brought us a different van because the spare was not in such good shape and we did not want to drive back through the desert on it.
Today, we have just been enjoying the Sabbath and staying in the shade. We will head back to Tel Aviv in about an hour.
So until I post again, here are just a few photos from Daniel's camera.

So, when do you want to come hike in the Negev desert?


Anonymous said...

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Natalie Witcher said...

Uhhh, don't want to go to the desert. I don't sweat. makes for a rough day in the desert.

terriH said...

That makes me sweat just thinking about it. Desert plus hiking...hmm...I don't really like exercise so my body would probably revolt to that kind of harsh stimulation. Can I just come to your Moroccan style vacation home and hike around it???

Unknown said...

i am truly overwhelmed with love for my friends. I am so blessed and proud and unworthy of having people in my life that are such obedient and humble servents of HIM! I am so glad that you posted those pictures! i really miss you guys and I am praying hard for you.. that the LORD would continue to bless you and keep you safe. I can't wait to see you in less than a week, Tonya!! yay!!



ps: you can email me at (that;s my new email address). thanks!