Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bar Mitzvah, The Party, Part I

So, I know this Bar Mitzvah series has been stretched out over a very long period of time. I apologize for that. But I have had so many other things to blog about.
But today is your lucky day because I have nothing else to blog about and I want to finish what I started (partly because I'm a bit not so good at that and partly because you deserve to know the details of this fabulous event).
OK, so after the Bar Mitzvah was over we all went to a restaurant for the party afterwards! The restaurant is called Darnah. It is a Moroccan restaurant and it was SO COOL!
Here is the entrance to the restaurant.

This is the view just inside the door. This is a little seating area in the bar area. How cool is this? I would totally love to decorate a vacation home in this style. I could so see this on my back porch!
One of the dining rooms. Thought the arch doorway was cool.
Again, just a cool nook. I would like to have something like this in my Moroccan vacation home kitchen.
This dining room had bench seats all the way around and more cool nooks.
This place is so cool that, if you can believe this, this is the refrigerator.

Again, cool arches and love the colors.
Loved the pretty windows.
Even the bathroom doors were beautiful.
And this is the room that we were in. This dining room seats around 85 people and it was packed!!!

I got to sit on one of the couches along the wall. Brent got to sit in one of the funky chairs.
And finally, this was the beautiful place setting in front of each person at the party!!
More to come, hopefully soon!


terriH said...

oh, so pretty. and mucho vibrant! love the colors as well.

can i come visit your moroccan style vacation house someday??

: )

amber said...

I just found out today one of my old college BSM friends is in the Ulpan...she's coming back in a few weeks. Here is her blog about it - you guys havne't happend to run into each other have you?

Melinda Beck (texas)

Kris the Girl said...

The room you were in looks "packed" with exactly one person, and one coat. hee!
Beautiful restaurant. I would love to visit your summer home with this decor. :D

Tonya said...

All are welcome at the Moroccan style vacation home! The more the merrier! We will also eat Moroccan food at the Moroccan style vacation home because the food at this party was FABULOUS!!!!!
Amber, the name is not familiar but I'll check out her blog. What a small world!

areader said...

Loved the beautiful table setting in blue and brown. What a great experience.
We have a new restuarant next to the Super Target in Norman. It's called Pei Wei and the food is great. Lots of Asian choices ... Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese. Check it out when you get home.

Natalie Witcher said...


just wanted to say it again

Anonymous said...

tonya, i miss you guys so much! matt and i have been talking about it a lot lately. i love you and can't wait to see you and fill you in on all the wedding details!! 56 more days, can you belive it?!!