Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I miss in the USA

Stores I miss:

  • Target - awesome stuff at great prices!
  • Wal-Mart - convenience, convenience, convenience! Oh, to go to one place and be able to buy everything I could ever need or want.
  • Old Navy - cute stuff and cheap to boot!
  • Payless!!! I had to have my Mom and Dad bring me shoes from the USA from Payless! Shoes are very expensive here! And I'm cheap!

Restaraunts I miss:

  • Taco Bueno. Enough said.
  • Chili's. I would love to have some chips and salsa right now.
  • Starbucks. And no, it's not because I worked there. A Chai Tea Latte sounds delicious right now as I listen to the rain/sleet hitting the windows of our Tel Aviv apartment. (I bet you're really crying for me!)

Food I miss:

  • Mexican food
  • Huge jugs of salsa (though this one is really more for Brent)
  • Mexican food
  • Canned anything
  • Refrigerated cinnamon rolls
  • Mexican food
  • Chips: Doritos (Nacho Flavor), Frito's, Ruffles, Cheetos (the "Cheetos" they have here are funky!!!!)
  • Mixes: brownie, cake, cookie, cornbread, anything.
  • Mexican food

Activities I miss:

  • Driving my CRV. I'm not sure I will remember how to drive when we get home!
  • Driving to the supermarket - it makes getting your groceries home a lot easier.
  • Driving to a restaurant. Although the walk back makes me feel better about what I just ate.
  • Driving to the movies. Who wants to walk home after watching an intense movie that drains you of all your energy.
  • Driving to congregation. No good reason for this one.
  • Driving, well, ANYWHERE! You get the picture.

But, despite all these things, I am so happy to be living in Israel for this season of our lives! The only thing that would make it better is to have all our family and friends here!! (We can help you find a good deal on a plane ticket!)


Kim Heinecke said...

I.O.U. one Taco Bueno lunch when you get back. You can drive. ;)

Sometimes I feel like we ARE there - it's great to see pictures of Israel!

Summer said...

I'm sending you a blog burrito. Here it comes . . . I hope it was tasty!
I love Taco Bueno too, especially party burritos.

terriH said...

i guess you'll just have to take a road trip in your CRV when you get back...say...to meet me and bernie somewhere!!!

Natalie Witcher said...

After you and Kim go to Bueno, lets go to TEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris the Girl said...

Speaking of good deals on plane tickets - did you guys get that whole bit of fun sorted out, with a return date and everything?

Tonya said...

Kim - It's a date!! I'm so glad you are enjoying the pics! I'm happy to do it!
Summer - that blog burrito was amazing! Party burritos rock!
Terri - Where are we going and when? Can't wait!
Nat - Ted's, here we come! I want some of their salsa a cheese dip and tortillas!!!
Kris - still working on it. El Al is working on getting us a good deal coming home Mar 31/April 1. See you then!

amber said...

Hey, I "may not" be going to New Mexico now (again). Looking for a civilian job...

How about you let me, Kris, and the other girls take you out for a girls' night to Chili's when you get back?!??! You know, after your Bueno and Ted's dates!

amber said...

Forget it - per our just completed IMing session, WE ARE GOING TO CHIPOTLE!

View my blog after Sunday for pictures of the Edmond Chipotle!