Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Do you realize how spoiled we are with running water? Brent and I were without this wonderful convenience for about 26 hours.
Here are things I take for granted about turning a nob and having water:
1. Taking showers. Who doesn't love a good long hot shower?!
2. Flushing the toilet...this one was not fun!!! And the toilets don't work here like they do back in the USA where you can just pour some water in the tank and it flushes.
3. Washing my hands. Good thing I had some hand sanitizer. (And no, I did not pet any cats!)
4. Doing the dishes. Not my favorite thing but things start to pile pretty high - even in 26 hours.
5. Washing our clothes. Brent actually went to start a load yesterday and this is how he discovered we did not have any water. I'm making up for lost time tonight.
This is a somewhat short list but these are pretty major chores for a person to not be able to accomplish in any given day. Can you think of any other things we take for granted when it comes to running H2O?
Thankfully, some plumbers came today and got the problem fixed, making themselves at home in our apartment while doing so. I think we are best friends now.
p.s. I LOVE running water!!


Kim Heinecke said...

Without running water you can't brush your teeth, slick down an 8-year old's bed head, or make coffee. All of these are necessary for a good morning.

Natalie Witcher said...

No water = no shower. But hey, that's not uncommon around here anyway!

terriH said...

you could always bath in the ocean...i'm sure the fish wouldn't mind...

areader said...

So enjoying reading your blog and seeing all the pictures of Israel. Had lunch with your parents this afternoon after visiting the Children's Hospital in Bethany. What a wonderful facility that is.
After our two years in Japan we soooo appreciate every little convenience in the USA. How we Americans take those little things like hot water the second you turn on the tap, heat and air conditioning day and night no matter what room you're in, closet space, a decent size frig. and the list goes on and on.