Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tel Aviv Port

Yesterday afternoon Brent and I walked down to the Tel Aviv Port. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had to be outside! You see, we had a cold front come through Israel the last week or so and it has been abnormally chilly. I think everyone in the city was out yesterday enjoying the warmer weather.
I took the camera along so I could share some scenes we were able to enjoy. The pictures aren't the best because our camera is somewhat broken. We have one of the digital cameras that does not have a view finder, just a screen. The screen no long works well. So I was taking pictures without knowing exactly what was in them. I think you will enjoy regardless.
Here is some of what we saw.

The water was so clear and beautiful. This is an old port which is not used as a port today. Now it's full of restaurants and shops.

The deck along this area looks like rolling waves! It's really cool and in the bottom right corner of this picture is a little girl, rolling down the wooden wave on her skate board.

You can see in this picture what a big area this really is. The entire port area is probably around a 1/2 mile long, lined with shops and restaurants with tons of outdoor seating. Every one's food looked so delicious...I almost grabbed a roll off one table as we passed by.

This was a special sight! A wedding! The four white pillars with the white fabric draped over is a huppah! The building to the right is where the reception was, which we later peeked in on and saw people dancing and eating and having fun. If you look close you can see the bride and groom right in the middle of the huppah. It's a pretty public place to get married but they were blessed with an amazingly beautiful day and a stunning view of the sea. As you can tell, they had quite a few extra guests...people here are not shy about stopping and staring!

This little cutie, with the ball, was having a blast with her daddy. Just moments before I took this picture they were tossing the ball back and forth. I love seeing all the families here. There are so many children it makes my heart happy.

This little guy really, really wanted a balloon. He ran in and out of the mass of balloons more times than I could count. I did take one picture where all you could see where his little legs sticking out of the balloons. What a hoot.

Brent and I agreed that this would be a great place to come and read on a beautiful day like this. I think the whole city may have been at the port this day.

This is just some algae or something growing in the water. It may be a silly picture but I loved how bright the green was and how clear the water was and how cool the ripples of the sand look.
Of course there were tons of people out sailing. This boat caught my eye because it looked like the whole thing was covered in pure silver the way it glistened in the sun.

The sun was sparkling in the water like diamonds. I just love that!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour. It's better in real life....when do you want to come visit us?


Kim Heinecke said...

Love the photos Tonya! Keep them coming. You're the eyes to a world I've never seen!

Kris the Girl said...

It's so beautiful! I want to come visit right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics TK! What a beautiful place. You are truly blessed. Love and miss you! Shawna

amber said...

(sigh) right now....

Summer said...

What a pretty day! What's the temperature like there?