Friday, February 22, 2008

A picturless blog....that's no fun

Well, friends. Our camera is on the fritz. It started going bad a while back, but now I think it has officially kicked the bucket. I don't know what to do. I have so many things I want to take pictures of to show you but now that seems impossible.
I would love to go buy a new camera but that takes money; money we don't have at the moment. Plus, everything is about twice the price here as it is back in the States. So, that's not gonna fly. So, maybe I'll just buy some disposable cameras, have the pictures put on a disc and we'll see how that goes. Until then, this is a picturless blog. Sorry.
On a brighter note, I went to the mall today with Kirsten. On Thursdays and Fridays they have a food festival. There are vendors lined up along the wall in one area selling delicious looking food. I didn't have any but Kirsten got an amazing looking potatoe, (does that have an "e" at the end of it? I never can remember.) with sour cream and beans. It smelled good too!
The mall felt, in some ways, like I was in the U.S., but in some ways I knew I was in Israel.
What felt like the States:
  • There are stores that look like what you would see in the states; clothing, sport, decor.
  • There is a small food court

What felt not like the States:

  • Israelis, speaking Hebrew everywhere
  • Prices in shekels
  • Signs in Hebrew
  • The food court food is very much not like American food court food; falafel, shnitzel, loads of rice and cous cous, (don't know how to spell that either) lots and lots of vegetables - and not fried.
  • People smoking in the mall, even though it's technically illegal
  • Security guard checks your bag before you enter the mall
  • Grocery store in the mall
  • Gym in the mall (at least I've never seen a gym in a mall in the States)
  • I even saw a man sleeping, on his back, fully stretched out.

Wish I could show you pictures but you'll just have to use your imagination. It's good for your brain.

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Natalie Witcher said...

You are really creating an image for me! Thanks for telling us all the details! COME HOME FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!

(the word verification I have to type is "kiiabeuy" to that, I say, God bless you!)