Friday, February 15, 2008

The 08 Quake

I experienced my first earth quake ever. Talk about an adventure!
Today, Friday February 15, 2008 there was a 5.0 earthquake in Lebanon that shook our apartment in Tel Aviv.
Brent and I were sitting at the kitchen table and I felt everything start to sway. I looked up and saw the plant in the corner also swaying and I heard one of the closed bedroom doors hitting the frame over and over. I looked at Brent and asked if he felt it. He said he did. We immediately began searching the web for info, to see if it had registered anywhere. Brent surfed what T.V. channels we have to see if anyone was talking about it. I even called my friend Kate, from Ulpan to see if she was at her apartment and had felt it. She was not and did not.
About an hour later it popped up on the Quake Sheet. If you want to see it go to, scroll down to the bottom and click on Quake Sheet and follow the links to the region of Israel.
Crazy stuff. Brent is going to get t-shirts made for us that say:
p.s. Don't worry, we're fine. It was just a little sway.


terriH said...


glad you're okay. :)

Kris the Girl said...

Bwahahahahaha! Sorry. The Alaska girl in me is tickled pink.
I'm glad you survived your first quake. They're kind of neat. If you had been underground, you might have been able to hear it coming, and that's creepy/cool.

Natalie Witcher said...

ah, that ain't nuthin compared to the sound of a bullet train a comin' in that there tornada. Liked to kill me and Ethel. Good thing we had a fraidy hole out yonder behind our double wide.

Unknown said...

wow! that's exiting. i really miss you guys. it is weird that you haven't been here to share wedding plans with. when exactly do you come home? i will pretty much have to whole thing planned by the time you guys get back! well, my new email is so be sure to put me on that list again! i miss those letters from you!


susan soontobeROSSER

Kim Heinecke said...

a quake?! you traded ted's & Taco Bueno for a run-in with death?