Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last day of Ulpan

Today was our last day of class at Ulpan. Tomorrow is our written test, and our final day to be in "Keetah Aleph" English - class level "a".
We learned for the first couple of hours then pushed the tables together to make one big table. On the table we laid out all the goodies we had brought and sat around the table together. We spent the rest of the class time talking and eating. We gave Sarah several gifts we had bought her. She gave us several special things she had prepared for us. She read a letter she wrote to all of us in which she spoke about each of the people in the class, describing what was special about each one. It was a very bitter sweet time for all of us. I almost cried three different times. We cannot believe it's over, well, almost over. There is still that one little thing we call a TEST!!!
I have loved this experience. I have enjoyed learning Hebrew so very much. I am so blessed by the new friends we have made; friends we will continue to visit in the future when we return to Israel. I am so thankful that Sarah was our teacher because I believe that she is the best teacher in that Ulpan. I am very sad it's over. It went too fast.
Below are some pictures from the day.

This is the street sign of the street Ulpan Gordon is on. (I know I'm a nerd. It's OK.)

This is one view of the outside of the building. There is also a library here.

If you look at the above picture and go to the left a bit, this is the view to the entrance.

This is the entrance to Ulpan Gordon.

This is just inside the door. There a two coffee vending machines, one with soft drinks and one with snacks. We sat down here on our first morning, eagerly waiting for class to begin.

Just to the left of the above shot, posted on the wall were short texts that our class had written entitled "My Opinion of Israelis". Sarah was so impressed with our texts she should them to the manager of the school and she asked to post them. So they have been downstairs, in the entrance, for everyone to read for the last couple of weeks. The close up is of my text. Can you read it?

This was our class number. The sign says "Room 32". We got to walk three flights of stairs every morning! Good for the legs! (Again, I know I'm a nerd.)

Here we are today, our last day, still being crammed full of Hebrew by Sarah. You can see some are zoned out, some are writing feverishly (Brent) :) and some are holding their head in pain (Yudith, although not really...she was one of the best in the class). Notice all the females? By the end of the class there was only one other male in the class and he is from Russia and speaks NO English! Still, he and Brent stuck together!

This is a view from the third floor to the entrance. This is during the break and most of the people out there are smoking and that is the only exit from the school so we got to walk through a thick cloud of smoke every day at 10:00 a.m. This I will not miss though I might start having nicotene cravings from the second hand smoke next week.

Here we are getting out all the goodies and getting ready for the party.

Here's the spread!!! Sarah made a cake for's in the silver pan cut into servings. She wanted to make sure we had something homemade!
Here we are presenting Sarah with her gifts.
Here is our class. From Right to Left, the Hebrew way. Leonid, Russia; Tracy, Belgium; Ilana, England; Mandy, Belgium; Brent, USA; Kate (and baby), USA; Yudith, France; Me, Sarah, our teacher; Jhana, Russia; Laura, Germany; Victoria, Russia; Barbara, Brazil; Katie, England; Karen, USA; Annia, Switzerland.

I'm telling you, I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get these pictures and captions straight and no avail!!!! Sorry about the mess but there's nothing I can do. Hope you can figure it all out. I have no doubts that you will because you are all so very, very smart!!


Natalie Witcher said...

Love the pics!!! Thanks, miss you

Karen said...

Tonya and Brent,
I just found your blog, and I read through just about every post from the time you guys got to Israel. I thought it was great! My husband and I are moving to Israel in two years and so we are try to learn Hebrew. This is not easy!!!!!!!! Do you have any suggestions?
Do you plan to post once you go home? or are you home now? do you plan to move back? I'm really interested in your adventure and did you fare better because you knew that soon you would be returning home soon.
We don't plan on returning home to the states... Home sick comes to mind! We are Messianic Jew not that it makes any difference home sick is home sick. We do have friends already in Israel, and we have been told that it is imparative that we learn Hebrew before we go. Did you guys work while you were their? I have a million questions...sorry! I have been to Israel a long time ago in 1995 on a tour, but I know it is completely different. My husband has a calling to evangelism and G-d has called me to the prisons. I know I'm just rambling but I'm really excitied to have found your post! May G-d bless you as you return home to the States. I have linked you to my post I hope you don't mind?
Ann :0)

tara said...

i love your pics!
- tara rehrig

Kim Heinecke said...

great pictures! Glad the Avery Cam is working again!