Thursday, February 14, 2008

Funny Language Stuff

Today, Sarah, our teacher, wasted no time in starting to prepare us for the written exam in two weeks.
In one part of the test we have to write a formal letter. So today, we spent the first three hours practicing this skill. We wrote eight formal letters today. As we would finish one or two we would take them up to Sarah to check.
As she was reading one of the letters one of my classmates wrote, Sarah started cracking up. I have never seen her laugh this hard. She then tries telling us what this classmate had written. But it took all of us a minute to catch on. I guess our brains aren't fully recovered from yesterday. But the mistake was so minor that it was hard to hear at first until Sarah said it in English.
One of the letters we were writing was a complaint to a doctor about his receptionist who was rude and always arrives late to work. This classmate of mine was trying to say she waited half an hour for the receptionist to show up. The word "hour" in Hebrew is pronounced sha-ah. Instead she wrote sha-Jah which is the word for "year". According to this classmate's letter, she waited half a year for the receptionist! I would have complained too!
It may not sound that funny in this post but Sarah thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen and was laughing so hard she was crying and had us all laughing with her.
It was a nice reprieve from the stress filled week.

Oh, yeah! Happy Valentine's day! What are you doing to celebrate the day of love?


Kris the Girl said...

To celebrate, I came to work today. Otherwise, they fire me. That's not a happy valentine's day!

Natalie Witcher said...

For V-day, we're watching LOST!! They are revealing one more of the Oceanic 6

terriH said...

well, i'm going to eat dinner at my parent's house cuz my husband has to work late AND then he's coming home and going straight to bed cuz he's sick with like the flu or something.

good times.

but he did bring me flowers to me at work today...that sweet man...

do they celebrate valentine's day in israel?