Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pay Attention

So, it's Saturday evening. Brent and I just went to service at the congregation we are attending here in Tel Aviv and just like in the States we have a tradition of going out to eat after services.
We go to our favorite little cafe just a couple of blocks from our apartment. We're sitting there eating and talking about our plans for the future. We are still trying to figure out exactly when to come home and when we will come back to Israel, how and for how long, etc. I have the thought, I'll be funny and see if Brent notices. So I nonchalantly say to Brent, "Honey, if we are thinking about moving over here for a year or two we should probably think about selling your truck when we get home." Notice I did not mention my beloved Honda CRV!!!! And I wait for the reaction....but.....HE AGREES! He says he's already thought about it. So, as usual, he did not notice how funny I am!
We finish eating, we pay and we're walking home. As we come to the corner crosswalk he asks me a question about the hebrew word for pay attention. You can either say "seem lev" or "laseem lev". One is "pay attention" and the other is "to pay attention". I explain this as we wait for the light to change so we can cross the street and as it does, all of a sudden, he says "Wait just a second, what do you mean sell MY TRUCK? What about your car?" Ah ha, as we finish our discussion on the hebrew word for "pay attention" he catches on! Appropriate, don't ya think!


amber said...

Oh Brentos - you're so funny and you don't even know it.

Natalie Witcher said...

Sell the truck! The Honda is WAY cooler.

Wait...move there?!?!? What the!??!