Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Their Way Home

Jerry and Ann Pitts are currently on their way home to Oklahoma. It was a tearful goodbye. But the tears were dried as I expressed my thanks to God for allowing my parents to come to this special land. It was such an incredible experience. I wanted so much to share this experience with my parents. I wanted them to see the sights, tourist sights and the sights of our lives here. They were able to meet many of our Israeli friends, Mom went to our Hebrew class with Brent and I, they experienced Shabbat in Israel, heard the Shabbat blessings in Hebrew with an Israeli friend who joined us for the Sabbath, share in lighting the Hanukiah with an Israeli Cohen as he recited the blessings in Hebrew, even experience the winter rains in the Galilee. This was a very special week for me and Brent. I know it was equally as special for my Mom and Dad. Thank you, Lord, for making this possible. I only hope that someday we will get to share it with Brent's Dad also!

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