Thursday, April 17, 2008

Water and Oil

Apparently, living in the United States and blogging don't really go well together for me. It's like water and oil. You know how water and oil don't mix. You know?
Man Alive!!!!
I'm really sorry people.
I want to blog but here are my sad excuses. (At least I'm calling them what they are, right?)
#1. Our internet is not working correctly yet.
#2. Don't know what to blog about cuz I'm still a little sad about being away from Israel.
#3. Well, shouldn't #1 and #2 be good enough? Come on!
Oh and just so you know, Brent and I are leaving town again for about 11 days so don't have any expectations of a new blog during that time. But then, if I do get time, and an internet connection, and do get a blog out there you will be pleasantly surprised.
I miss all of you and really do want to get back in to the blog swing soon. But I'm just warning you that it will probably be the beginning of May before that happens. A one month sabbatical seems about right.
OK, see you all you soon. And thanks for continuing to read this somewhat-pathetic-for-now-blog.

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If you're still in the blog world, you've been tagged