Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can't sit still

We have only been home about four weeks and we are on the road again! We just can't sit still.
Brent and I left last Friday morning at 5:15 a.m., yep, A.M. to head to Lexington, Kentucky. Friday we traveled as far as Nashville, Tennessee. We stopped there and stayed the night and had dinner with friends. Brent knows Michael and Amy from when he was a youth minister in Liberty, Indiana. Michael and Amy walked into Brent's office one afternoon fifteen years ago and said, "Marry us!" Brent asked, "OK, when?" Michael, dressed in a bright yellow t-shirt and shorts said, "Right now!" and handed Brent the marriage license. Let me just add in here that Michael was and still is in the Marines and he talks like a drill Sargent...all the time! Brent asked all the proper questions, even talked to Amy alone for a minute to make sure this was what she wanted to do and then took them and Michael's Dad to the newly remodeled basement of the church and performed the ceremony to join them as man and wife. They now have two beautiful daughters and live in a beautiful home in Nashville. It was a really sweet reunion and we are looking forward to keeping in touch with them.
Sat. we got up and traveled the last several hours to Lexington, Kentucky. Let me just say that Lexington, Kentucky is one beautiful place. This is the perfect time to be traveling in that part of the country because the dogwoods are blooming and MAN ALIVE are they gorgeous!! I'm serious, people! They are amazing. Actually, everything is blooming! You don't have to look any farther than God's creation to get the perfect color palette for decorating any room. I got a few ideas on this trip and I'm ready to get home and redecorate!! (Yeah, Brent's real happy about that too! The man hates to paint.)
"Why did you go to Kentucky, Tonya?"
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!
We went to Kentucky because Brent's college roommate, Mark, preaches at a church there and invited us out so Brent could throw down the Word!, or preach :) Sunday morning then we lead a Passover Seder Sunday night for the church.
As usual, Brent did and amazing job. I'm telling you, the man is GIFTED! I love to hear my hubs preach. Man, can he preach. He's just so anointed and gifted and wonderful. I love him. However, I don't want you to lose your lunch so I'll stop gushing.
I will say that after being in Kentucky, I want to move there. It is so pretty. The rolling hills covered with lush, thick, soft green grass and the amazing trees. Oh my! It is a truly beautiful area. Don't worry, Mom and Dad! We cannot afford to live in Lexington. Those people are rich! And I mean filthy RICH! (I would love to show you pictures but I forgot the camera. Yep, I'm a doof!)
Then Monday we spent a little more time with Mark and his wife Kathy and traveled on to Richmond, Indiana where we stayed the last two nights with our friends the Retz'.
We spent most of the day yesterday, however, in Liberty, Indiana where Brent was a youth minister, football coach, probation officer and preacher. We had lunch with Chris B. who was in Brent's youth group. After that we spent the afternoon gabbing with Bill and Betty, two of the sweetest people I have ever met. All of my grandparents have already gone to be with Jesus and so I have adopted them as my grandparents. They don't know it yet, so let's keep that between us for now.
Today we traveled to Indianapolis, only about an hour. We are planning a tour for a church in the area and Brent and I will speak with those interested in the tour tonight. Right now I am sitting in the church's coffee shop area typing this to you. It is a beautiful, new, huge church and we are loving seeing how the body of Messiah is growing.
The next couple of nights we will stay with Brent's sister LeighAnn and husband J.R. and kids Zac and Shanna. Then we head home.
This may have been one of my more boring posts but just felt the need to connect with my readers, at least what's left of you. I think Kim is the only one still checking in. Thanks Kim! I appreciate your loyalty. You're a peach!


Kris the Girl said...

Kim's not the only one! Good to hear about your travels and adventures - and I'm looking forward to chillin' again wichya. :P

terriH said...

oh, i'm still a checking every day, my friend. every day. every single day.

speaking of being in a you remember when we were in college and you, me and michelle were in your black honda driving around manhattan and acting like gangsters. we had the seats way back and the rap music blaring and acting like we were all big and bad...

those were the days. man, we'z had deh onions!!

Kim Heinecke said...

Well, I did put you in blog time out for a day or so. Glad you learned your lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya,
No, you two do not know me, but I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I read about your trip to Israel and am planning a trip there as well. I am especially interested in talking to you about Netanya, Israel. If you are willing to email me, I hava couple of questions for you about Netanya.

(my email is the above at gmail dot com)

Unknown said...

Hey Tonya, It was great to meet you and to see Brent again. Michael and I really enjoyed your visit especially the reminiscing about the day we were married with Michael in his bright yellow JAG, was that really 15 (almost 16) years ago?

I think I may have been in Liberty at the same time you were there. Small world!

BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog. Take care and keep in touch...