Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in the Land

There is just something about Israel that makes me want to blog.
Brent and I arrived here Sat. around 4:00 p.m. I cried tears of joy and homecoming when we landed. I cried in the Taxi as we drove through familiar streets. I cried as we walked to our favorite restaurant to eat dinner.
I know, it sounds like I am just an emotional, blubbering idiot. Maybe I am. But I'm OK with that because I love this place and will be a blubbering idiot for this place.
I really love just about everything about this place. Brent and I went to a sidewalk cafe near the beach and just enjoyed being in Tel Aviv this morning. As I sat there relishing the moment, I realized I even loved the noises of this city. Crazy, huh? What really made me laugh, internally so that people didn't think I was some kind of lunatic, was that I realized I even loved the sound of the traffic, the buses, the honking. It adds to the feeling of familiarity. Call me a weirdo.
Today, our first full day here, has been spent with a dear friend we met in our Hebrew Language school during our 7 months living in the Land. Kate and her 7 1/2 month old son, Edan (pronounced "Ee-dahn") met us for a falafel at Brent's favorite place. Edan was born about 2 weeks before we came back to the U.S. He has grown so much and has been SO FUN to be around. I'm actually writing this post from Kate and her husband Adi's apartment. We are getting ready to go pick up Brent and go to dinner together! It has just been a great day of reconnecting and catching up and I feel really blessed to be able to come to my "other home" for a couple of weeks!
I feel I am rambling and must stop. Besides, it's time to go get Brent and go eat!
Maybe I'll feel inspired again in the next two weeks and will find a computer I can blog from!


Kris the Girl said...

I hope you do find a computer! Thanks for the update, lady. Love you!

Summer said...

I hope you had a good visit. Any pictures?

amber said...

Oh my gosh! She lives!