Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Got Turkey?

It's official, we had Thanksgiving! Last night, we had several of our American friends from our Ulpan class (Hebrew language school) over for Thanksgiving along with their husbands and boyfriends. Yes, I realize the actual holiday has come and gone, however, this is when we could all get together, and when in a foreign country you do what you can!!
I cooked my first turkey! As soon as I knew I would be cooking it I emailed my Mom..."HELP!!" Of course, she gave me all the info I needed. I even called her yesterday afternoon and asked "How do I know when the turkey is done?" Like she could look in my oven, in Tel Aviv, from Oklahoma, and give me the answer I needed! She did help all she could and the turkey turned out GREAT and was a big hit! Thanks, Mom!
Thankfully, everyone pitched in and brought food because the turkey and rolls I made were all I could handle! How did our mothers do it? They are amazing! We had a lot of food and lot of tastes I'm not used to, which was part of the fun! All the food tasted really good and it was so great to have these new friends in our home away from home! We were eleven people in all plus a dog! One of our guests was the daughter of our friend Gen and her husband. Her daughter's name is Yael and having her with us was very special because we got to share in her first Thanksgiving!
All in all, the evening was a lot of fun and real blessing for Brent and I! It was nice to have a real Thanksgiving meal too!

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terriH said...

HI!! I'm soooo sorry I've haven't written you in is soooo crazy right now! I miss you and love you and am so excited about this blog. You go girl! HUGE hugs and loves from me to you and Brent...

Mable :)